Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Were I would and would not want to migrate to.

If I could migrate somewhere I would migrate to Paris in Europe. The reason that I would migrate there is because I have never heard anything bad about it and I think that there is a lot of good health care.The other reason that I would want to migrate to Europe is because of the beautiful beaches and land. One thing that I like about Europe is the style - I love fashion. A place I wouldn't want to live would not have  much land and a language that would be hard to learn. Another reason would be because of the high crime rate.One place that I definitely would not want to be in are countries with poor educational chances.

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  1. You have thought of some excellent reasons for migrating to Europe, Zeba. I like the way you have linked your new learning about migration to your own ideas to deepen your understanding. Well done!