Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Our time at the library

Today we went to the panmure library we walked all the way from school to the library and when we got inside we had to split into 2 groups and one team stayed in side and the other went outside we all had old weapons that we practice doing in my group we had position tahi ruha toru an our weapons were called patu we went back inside when the other team was using rakaus we sat down on the two mats with a river in between us a lady told us a story about 2 tribes with a man from one tribe and a lady for another tribe came between us and got married and had a battle and that time we got to show our skills sort of Romeo and Juliet after we made a clay imprint of a mautau and pushed it in to make the imprint after we wiped our hands with wet tissue that smelt like a strong sanitiser smell  after we had a quiz and the people that one got colouring pencils and we walked back to school.

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