Monday, 24 March 2014

What if bees were big as cats?

What if bees were as big as cats?

If bees were as big as cats they could be dangerous.They would also be like huge furry, soft creatures. This is how we would imagine a bee as big as a cat.

If bees were as big as cats they could be dangerous because bees can sting. Some people are even allergic to bee stings and that would be extremely  dangerous. They could end up swollen in the hospital willing for their lives. Wouldn't that be really dangerous?

Bees would also be like furry black and yellow, huge creatures. People might even keep them as their pets and take them for walks everyday. They might even ride on them because they can fly really high up in the air. And sometimes they might be very useful as they have six legs.

Maybe they wouldn’t be that dangerous as people could train them to stop stinging people. If you think of bees on the other side the can also help you with honey and pollen and without pollen there wouldn't be flowers without flowers our world wouldn't be as colourful and beautiful as it is now!  Besides they only sting people that attack them. Another idea is that instead of  police dogs they could use bees instead. so whenever the policies deal with something or someone dangerous, the bees could help out with them!

That's how we imagine bees as big as cats. They would be dangerous, quite useful and not so bad. As they can be trained. Remember that bees can be actually fun. How would you imagine bees as big as cats?

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