Thursday, 9 June 2016

Giant Panda- Information report

These alluring giant pandas are found in Sichuan China. Their furry black and white coat helps them camouflage from their predators. Their lifespan is 20-30 years old! Their main predators are  humans because of the destruction of their habitat. According to animal corner over 10,000 pandas die each year, this leaves not  many to live in the wild life.  

They are coated in black and white, this provides a bold and effective camouflage. Their fur camouflages with the snowy and rocky surroundings. Their white coat is covered up with unique black markings, around the eyes and ears and back legs, on each row of teeth they have two fang like teeth that help it crush through stems and bamboo( 4cm long). The Giant panda’s paws are broad and have retractile claws that help it grip while climbing. Both female and male pandas weigh around 250 pounds. They are 2 to 3 feet tall ( Standing on all four legs).

The Giant panda’s are surrounded by coniferous forest ( forests that are temperate which means warm summers, cool winters and the right amount of rainfall to sustain a forest) but there's a shortage of food because of the men who cut down bamboo trees, this leaves Giant Panda’s to struggle to find food. China’s population has grown and they are taking over the Giant Pandas land, so this means less pandas.The pandas habitat once spread across central, southern, and eastern China but it has reduced incredibly by the growth of China’s logging and farming.

Although there aren’t many , the’re are potential animals that can hunt the Giant Pandas. One day a girl wanted to save a panda’s life because it was being attacked by a snow leopard, instead she was killed. The Pandas came to her funeral. Other predators are Jackals and Yellow throated martens. Panda’s are peaceful and avoid confrontation, but if this means losing their life they will certainly fight back.

These special pandas are endangered , being poached by humans logging, taking up their land and being killed by predators, that’s the bad news. Although there are a lot of people helping and asking for donations to help the Giant pandas survive and have more of a chance to reproduce.

This information report is about the rare Giant Panda. As part of our writing topic this term, information reports we are practicing adding more statistics and useful information. We first wrote this in a information report framework and then brought it together in the end.   

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