Saturday, 2 January 2016

My Summer Learning Journey - Day 9

Today it's day nine and I am comparing my school life compared to a German student's life. After I read their timetable I would rather go to a German school because they have subjects such as history and learning french. Their classes also end two hours quicker but they have shorter break times. They also have a block where they  do art in their everyday schedule. 

This has been my second week doing the Summer Learning Journey and I haven't got bored of it at all. Can't wait for the next week!


  1. Zeba,

    I am always so happy when I read your posts. I love it that you're enjoying the journey and that you aren't bored. That is the best possible news!

    I must really congratulate you on staying motivated and being such an active participant in the programme. You always post very thoughtful responses to the activities. Today's post is no exception. You have clearly thought about the German school system and compared it with the one that we have here in NZ. I, too, like the idea of finishing school a few hours earlier each day. I can see that it would mean that we would have less time for morning break but I would be willing to trade in the morning break for a much longer afternoon.

    I would also enjoy studying other subjects during the day. The German system is quite elaborate. having said that, you will have the chance to study history and french in NZ but you'll have to wait until you're a wee bit older.

    I think that it's quite timely that we're blogging about school given that it's going to start again quite soon. Are you looking forward to heading back?

    I hope so!

    Rachel :-)

  2. Kia ora Zeba,

    This is a friendly reminder that tomorrow (Tuesday 26 January) is the final day of the Summer Learning Journey. If you're keen to earn more points and be in to win cool prizes please log onto the Summer Learning Journey site, complete any of the 14 days' worth of activities and post a blog.

    I'll check back in tomorrow to see if you've posted anything new. I hope that you're able to re-join our journey before it comes to an end!


  3. Hi Zeba,

    Congratulations! You were the second active blogger from Panmure Bridge School for the Summer Learning Journey programme this year. Way to go! You won the silver medal. What an awesome achievement!

    Given your involvement with the programme, I would love to come into Panmure Bridge School this year to meet up and chat a bit about the summer blogging programme. I am hoping to improve the current design and to launch it in all 12 Manaiakalani cluster schools next summer (2016-2017). Would you be willing to meet with me? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

    I would also love it if you took a minute to fill in the feedback form on the Summer Learning Journey website. It can be found under the ‘Feedback’ tab. It’s a short online form that asks you questions about what you liked and didn’t like about the programme. Could you please fill it out? It will take about 5 minutes. Thanks!

    Finally, I have a prize for you to acknowledge your awesome work this summer. I will bring it into Panmure Bridge school early in the year to give it to you.

    See you at school in a few weeks!